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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Classes

A full range of engaging courses are available to undergraduates, and a list of courses that are generally offered at least once every two years can be found by selecting the “courses” tab on the right.

Majoring and Minoring in Religious Studies

Specific information about majoring or minoring in Religious Studies as part of an undergraduate degree can be found by selecting the “major requirments” or “minor requirements” tab.


An undergraduate major in religious studies can lead to graduate work in preparation for teaching religious studies or to religious education at a seminary in preparation for a career as a religious leader. Recent graduates have gone on to graduate study in China, to law school, to teaching, and to work in social service organizations, among others. A major in religious studies provides broad training and enrichment for any of the humanitarian professions.


The best high school or community college preparation for an undergraduate program in religious studies is a good general background in social science and humanities.