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Anne Kreps

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Ph.D., Near Eastern Studies, University of Michigan (2013)

Anne Kreps focuses on Judaism and Christianity in antiquity, and has particular interest in Valentinian and Gnostic Christianities.  She is working on a monograph called The Crucified Book, which examines early Christian theories of sacred writing.  Professor Kreps is also interested in New Religious Movements, particularly those who look to the Essenes of antiquity to shape group identity.  Before moving to Eugene, she was an Assistant Professor at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

Selected Publications:

 “Reading History with the Essenes of Elmira.” In New Antiquities: Transformations of Antiquity in the New Age and Beyond, edited by Dylan Burns and Almut-Barbara Renger.  Sheffield: Equinox Publishing.  (forthcoming, 2016)

“The Passion of the Book: The Gospel of Truth as Valentinian Scriptural Practice,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 24.3. (2016)

 “P.Kopt.1: An Ancient Christian Amulet.” In Coptica Argentoratensia: conférences et documents de la 3e université d’été en papyrologie Copte, edited by Anne Boud’hors, Alaine Delattre, Catherine Louis and Sebastian Richter, 111-116.  Bibliothèque d’Etude Coptes, Paris.  (2014)

 “The People of the Earth in Jewish and Roman Legal Discourse.” In Shifting Cultural Frontiers in Late Antiquity, edited by David Brakke, Deborah Deliyannis, and Edward Watts, 49–64. Farnham; Burlington, VT: Ashgate. (2012)


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