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The Religious Studies Department at the University of Oregon, located in the College of Arts and Sciences, focuses on the academic study of religious traditions from around the world in classes taught by experts in the field of religious studies. The department also includes Arabic language instruction as part of its curriculum.

Here’s what’s happening in the Religious Studies Department

Department News

Luke photograph

Luke Habberstad joins the department

Luke Habberstad specializes in the literature and religion of early China (5th century BCE-3rd century CE).  He is particularly interested in the myriad changes in literary production, religious practice, and material culture that occurred under the Qin and Han dynasties.  In addition, his research explores the connections between administrative, literary, and religious writing in the early Chinese context.  His book project, tentatively entitled “Courtly Cultures and Politics of the Early Chinese Empires,” examines changing institutional and normative models of the imperial court (in


Student News


2014 Graduation

Photos from 2014 Humanities Consortium Graduation (Classics, Humanities, Judaic Studies, Medieval Studies, and Religious Studies)



“The Lost Way: How Two Forgotten Gospels Are Rewriting the Story of Christian Origins”

Lecture by Stephen Patterson, Willamette University.

In this lecture, Stephen J. Patterson will show how the Gospel of Thomas and a lost gospel known simply as “Q” have changed the way scholars imagine Christian origins.

March 10, 2015


Gerlinger Lounge

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